Collection: Bladk Camelot Skeletons & Secrets

Skeletons & Secrets is the next installment in the dramatic and thrilling Black Camelot series.  

The saga picks up after the funeral of the city’s future Hall of Fame sports star and mayor hopeful, Phaethon Malone.  His savage death has turned eyes to Donald Alexander,  to run for Mayor against the feckless, Delbert Tenny.  

 Violence from the ever-present kill squads that remain on the hunt has forced  the Black Camelots and their friends out of Gotham.

For Alexander, running for Mayor is a decision that cannot be rushed--- if he chooses politics, several dark family skeletons and secrets will be revealed.  Kwame Mills' wife also has a secret talent and has used it to commit an act that jeopardizes her freedom.

Senator Bivens faces even tougher choices.  She refuses to sign off on the most evil deeds by family and friends, and learns that her family patriarch is as ruthless as her corrupt political foe. The patriarch  has already used his immense power in ways that she would never, and expects her to take part in his dark world activities.

There's also a burgeoning dalliance that can't be repressed.  It fuels an assassination attempt by incompetents and is catastrophic.

Black Camelot Skeletons & Secrets ends painfully.  Choices are made that wrench hearts. A moment of revenge may change the tide to darkness forever.