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Black Camelot's Dawn & The Return of Madame Hot Temper- Paperback

Black Camelot's Dawn & The Return of Madame Hot Temper- Paperback

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Midwest Book Review Gives Black Camelot's Dawn The Highest Praise:

“A high-octane mystery-thriller...Packed with excitement and twisted plots, Black Camelot's Dawn keeps the reader captivated to the last page and is highly recommended....."

Midwest Book Review, November, 2021.

Black Camelot's Dawn Synopsis

Black Camelot's Dawn is the sequel to The Publisher's Dilemma and the second novel in the Black Camelot series.

Donald Alexander, Kwame Mills, and Samantha Rivers after the solving of The Harris Simmons Murders have become darlings of the city. They are also extremely wealthy after Alexander's successful sale of the company for $75 billion.

Their dramatic stories led the city’s leading gossip press crew, the Celebrity Hack Patrol, to name this period of adulation and fascination, Black Camelot. A new enemy emerges as hate groups decide there is no place in the city or American society for Black Royals.

Black Camelot's Dawn also marks the return of Dawn Davis Stuart, who left the city in disgrace after she murdered her husband, the real estate tycoon and randy man about town, Yancey Stuart Jr. The shooting death at her hands earned her the notorious nickname of Madame Hot Temper. The backstory that drove her to rage and murder was not as simple as the scandal was reported. She has returned with vengeance on her mind and a powerful accomplice to help her with her plan.

In Black Camelot's Dawn, the city's gossip and drama are at an all-time high. The city is excited for the summer as the Black Camelots’ are all engaged to be married. And when Madame Hot Temper returns it takes only days before there are more gunshots, murder, and scandal.

Read below for reviews by readers. See what they are saying about Black Camelot's Dawn:

Lady Dee

Great sequel to the murder mystery ‘The Publisher’s Dilemma’. Fast moving plot filled with intriguing and some amusing personalities. Plot is a showcase of black excellence under attack by a bizarre evil force and an invisible protective force that strives protects them. Does good or evil won in the end? I will have to read Black Camelot Book 3-Days of War to see.

Jennifer Jardine

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Black Camelot’s Dawn. I couldn’t put it down. Existing characters evolved in intriguing ways and new characters were introduced with twists and turns in the story that I didn’t see coming. It was simply an enjoyable and captivating read.


Like reading a film

Enjoyable and intriguing, the background characters brought interesting life to the story. Relevant to today's issues in our polarized society. Keep writing and developing the Black Camelot characters we want to see them make a positive change to our world. Very Good work Darius Myers, Bravo!

John W.

Another OUTSTANDING read! I couldn’t put this one, or the first one, down. I’m not much of a fiction reader but these two just drew me in and left me wanting more! Can’t wait to see what happens next to Kwame, Don, Tom, Michelle, Carrie, Danielle, Samantha, the Celebrity Hack Patrol and of course, “Madame Hot Temper”!



Black Camelot’s Dawn is an outstanding follow-up to The Publisher’s Dilemma. A great and engaging summertime read. From great characters to unexpected twists and turns, BCD had me turning pages start to finish. Great effort Mr. Myers! Keep them coming!!

A Maria

Each page adds a layer of curiosity on how things will shape up. There are a few unexpected turns but you become very invested in the characters; like they are a relative. Thumbs up! I can't wait for the next installment.......where is Book #3??

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