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Black Camelot's Days of War- Hardcover

Black Camelot's Days of War- Hardcover

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Midwest Book Review  Critique: "Black Camelot's Days of War" is the third volume in author Darius Myers' original and riveting Black Camelot series and continues to showcase Darius Myers impressive and narrative driven storytelling skills. Packed with action, suspense, and one compulsive thriller of a read from first page to last/"


Chief of Detectives Teddy Walker, with the help of the Society of Protectors, has kept Donald Alexander, Kwame Mills and their spectacular crew of friends dubbed the Black Camelots safe from kill squads.

Under Walker's leadership, the attacks were rebuffed and made way for a peaceful summer marked by the Black Camelot Weddings. The highly anticipated weddings captured the attention of the city, country, and the world and further burnished the Black Camelot's reputation as American royals.

Before Emancipation has re-emerged under the direction of a new and dynamic leader. His first order was to resume the deadly hunt for Black Camelot members and kill key Walker lieutenants in a full declaration of war.

Acts of vengeance are not limited to Walker's fight with Before Emancipation. Bronson Pagent remains in a bitter feud with Yancey and Dawn Davis Stuart.  He makes a move that's true to his psychopathic nature and sets off a chain of reactions with consequences he never imagined.

The drama also follows the corrupt, former Senator Digby Yates, who emerges as a new and formidable nemesis. Yates wants to be President and yearns for a Before Emancipation race war, as it will increase his electoral chances.

In Black Camelot's Days of War,  the white supremacist attacks are no longer a secret, and the good guys have become casualties. It is a period that will leave Walker and the Black Camelots in shock and the city in terror.

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